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Whether you are a marathon runner, a busy professional living away from family, have a medical condition or just lazy - ​we make you live healthier by making you aware of your health exactly.

Analytics for your body

How it works?

Here's a proactive way of getting you tested at the convenience of your doorstep, get expert medical advice & analytics on your health and continually track and improve it.

How it works?

Health Score & Dashboard

Know how you fare through healthscore. Get actionable insights from experts! Get rid of the boring reports. Zero worries of maintaining health records.

Health Score

HealthExactly is available in over 300 cities in India. Find yours now!

Why HealthExactly

Home Pickup

Health Checkups at
your Doorstep

Avail Personalized Health Checkups and get your samples picked up from the comfort of your home.


View Results

Intuitive charts display your data along with detailed explanations of each biomarker to give you a clear understanding of your health.


Get Expert

Get experts practitioner to assist you to reach your health goals and get personalized recommendations.


Track your

View changes that occur between your results, allowing you to adjust your lifestyle for a better health.

Your Personal Dashboard

Customized blood tests and personalized clinical advice to help you better understand your health and provide actionable ways to achieve optimal health.
Health Dashboard

Reach the epitome of your health

You can do a lot when you have the right set of tools to help you.
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Make you reach the epitome of your Health.

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